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Featured Articles!

“Man Eating” Plants
Carnivorous plants living in your backyard

You don’t need to watch a sci-fi horror flick to hear tales of vicious monsters or man-eating plants. These already exist in the forest and landscape … and can give you a taste of just how nasty nature can be.

>> read ““Man Eating” Plants”    
Make Small Big
Get maximum impact for tiny spaces

Just as we are mesmerized by the tiny fingers and the tiny toes of newborns, or fascinated by tiny works of art, it seems that anything small in scale draws us in with interest and curiosity. I think that is true of small garden spaces as well. Maybe it’s because every feature has to have a valuable impact on the whole. There’s no room for excess. There’s necessity, purpose, and yes, detail.

>> read “Make Small Big”    
Bringing Back Monarchs
The evolution of a butterfly gardener

In case you have not been following the news the last few years, the population of monarch butterflies has been declining. When experts study to find out why, they come up with different reasons

>> read “Bringing Back Monarchs”    
An Uphill Battle
Tips for gardening on a hillside

If you’re gardening on a hillside, you’re probably facing some unique challenges. Maybe there area some challenges that you did not totally anticipate when you purchased your beautiful sloping property.

>> read “An Uphill Battle”    
In Focus
Creating focal points in the landscape

There are several reasons why people use focal points. By creatively using statues, specimen plants, artwork, large planters or even birdhouses, gardeners can draw the eye where they want it to go; often diverting attention from a design flaw, out-of-season flowerbeds or fallow vegetable gardens.

>> read “In Focus”    
Growing Rhubarb
This old-fashioned is making a comeback

In the language of social media, rhubarb is trending. My mamaw would be so proud, as her rhubarb patch was one of her early spring delights, and her rhubarb pie was one of her most-praised desserts.

>> read “Growing Rhubarb”    
Attracting the Birds and the Bees
Wildlife is WILD about color in the garden

There are many aspects of creating a wildlife habitat, but none as fun as adding color to attract our winged friends. Color plays a very important role in the pollination puzzle.

>> read “Attracting the Birds and the Bees”    
Normal is Boring
Quirky and unique flowerbed ideas

If your goal is to create a unique flowerbed, consider these three ideas: place interesting objects among the flowers; use unique containers or vessels to enhance the flowerbed; or create a unique style, pattern, or arrangement of common plants within the designated planting area.

>> read “Normal is Boring”    
Lemony Herbs
Consider growing some lemony herbs in your garden.

No lemons? No problem. If you want to enjoy a homegrown lemony taste, consider growing some lemony herbs in your garden. The five most common lemony herbs are lemon balm, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, lemon basil, and lemongrass.

>> read “Lemony Herbs”    
Finding Your Path
Pathways in the garden

Making a path can be as simple as mowing a swath through the high grass of a meadow. Most of our gardens, however, have more definition and less space than that, calling for more structured ways to pass through them.

>> read “Finding Your Path”    
Wonderful Window Boxes
Window boxes increase the gardening space

When someone says “window box,” what images first pop into your mind? Old World, pretentious, charming, expensive? Perhaps you think of these gussied-up containers as high maintenance, or maybe you simply write them off as another wacky sport in the world of competitive gardening. Yet, could it be that you would really like to try them, but have no idea where to begin?

>> read “Wonderful Window Boxes”    
It’s All in the Mold
Making concrete molds for miniature gardens

Making concrete molds for stepping-stones or miniature gardens is a fun, simple project. And they make great additions to your landscape!

>> read “It’s All in the Mold”    

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