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Green Gardener's Guide

Green Gardener's Guide: Simple, Significant Actions to Protect & Preserve Our Planet

The first Green book from Cool Springs Press, written by popular television personality, Joe Lampl, known as Joe Gardener. With a platform that encourages earth-friendly gardening, Joe will offer tips that will save water, conserve resources, promote healthy and safe plant growth, and eliminate damage to the earth.

From the Author

Why I wrote "The Green Gardener's Guide"

Up to now, there has been much said and written about this global crisis we are all in the midst of. And, let's face it, it hasn't been terribly positive. Yet, what has been provided in the way of actions which really have an effect is scattered at best. As a passionate gardener committed to environmental stewardship, I wanted to take a positive stance and provide solutions in a comprehensive resource; not just for gardeners but for anyone who cares about our environment. I wanted to offer useful, yet practical ways for each of us to collectively make an impact.

Ironically, as we gardeners and weekend warriors create beautiful gardens and landscapes, in the process we often waste water, use products and chemicals that have the potential to runoff into waterways, indiscriminately kill beneficial insects and emit greenhouse gasses into the air. And we are a large group--over 90 million strong!

Yet as I speak to audiences around the country and field questions from my own website they are all asking for simple, significant actions they can take to be a better environmental steward and help heal our planet. The Green Gardener's Guide is my answer to them and to everyone; that together we really can make a difference!

Joe Lamp'l


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