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Pennsylvania Getting Started Garden Guide

The book that puts Pennsylvania's most knowledgeable gardener at your beck and call. Split down the middle by the Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania experiences a wide range of extreme weather on each side of the divide, with humid summers in Harrisburg and record-breaking snowfalls in McKean County-- but there's one thing every Pennsylvanian experiences: rain, and plenty of it. The state's well-hydrated landscape hosts a vast selection of beautiful native plants, from the gorgeous multi-season serviceberry to the stunning and underused Joe-Pye weed. In Pennsylvania Getting Started Garden Guide, locally beloved Patriot-News garden columnist George Weigel teaches you how to plant and care for more than 150 of different species of natural Pennsylvanian agriculture. Elegantly photographed, full-color pages impart Weigel's decades of experience gardening in this state. The flowers, shrubs, vines, trees, and groundcovers within - organized alphabetically by type and common name - are each showcased with a reference image, a name pronunciation guide, and detailed information such as: full-grown plant size, when to plant, tips for bringing your transplants to healthy maturity, and even recommendations for the best companion species. This comprehensive, easily understandable reference guide is complete with at-a-glance icons for quick plant info, color-coded USDA zone maps, and - of course - the charming writing style of Pennsylvania's most endearing and trustworthy garden writer. So even if you don't love the weather all the time, with Pennsylvania Getting Started Garden Guide, you'll be able to choose plants that do.

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  • ISBN-13: 978-1591866206
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  • Author: George Weigel

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