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Southern Lawns

Chris Hasting's Southern Lawns provides accurate, easy-to-read information—along with full-color photography—about the grasses that grow best in the hot, humid South. Individual chapters address each lawn grass, with complete planting directions, maintenance guidelines, and instructions for each season of the year. Southern Lawns has all the features to make it the one and only book for lawn care in the South including: full-color photographic gallery of the most common lawn problems; a special "month-by-month" section, with activity lists for every month of the year, to keep lawn work on time and on target; lawn descriptions and buyer's guides of special interest to newcomers to the South and those unfamiliar with warm-weather grasses; internet interactive, with links to current weather reports, insect and disease sightings, and soil temperature data. With the same user-friendly, straightforward style that has made Month by Month Gardening in the South a perennial bestseller, Chris Hastings presents the information, activities and techniques that will make every lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781563526237
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  • Author: Chris Hastings

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