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Citrus: How to Grow and Use Citrus Fruits, Flowers, and Foliage


Citrus: How to Grow and Use Citrus Fruits, Flowers, and Foliage
by Monica Moran Brandies

Grow it! Find the best types for your garden!

Use it! Here are recipes for drinks, food, beauty products, household products, insect repellents, and more.

Don't waste the fruit, peels, or even the blossoms. Citrus is one of the world's most useful herbs. In this colorful handbook, popular Florida author Monica Brandies shares her ways with wonderful citrus:

Buy or harvest citrus. Tips on selection and storage of the best fruit.

Grow citrus at home. Indoors in cool climates and outdoors in many southern states, here's what you need to know to keep your citrus trees and shrubs healthy.

Citrus in the kitchen. Recipes and techniques for food and drink from citrus fruits, peels, and flowers. Directions for many homemade treats!

Citrus around the house. Make your own air fresheners, potpourri, citrus vinegar,citrus products for cleaning and stain removal, and home-made orange oil for multiple heavy duty uses. There is never a reason to waste any part of a citrus fruit.

Citrus in the garden. Use citrus peels to kill bugs and fire ants, repel mosquitoes and cats, and make worm compost.

Citrus guide. These listings and color photos help you select appropriate and interesting citrus types and cultivars, and check on the harvest time in many USA citrus-growing regions.

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