Turn your pumpkins into planters with this fun project

Story and Photography by Kathleen Hennessy

Nothing says fall is here quite like pumpkins. An essential accessory at this time of year, pumpkins can be arranged on the porch or popped into fall containers. With this project, the pumpkins actually become the container. This quick and easy DIY activity creates a wonderful, small tabletop decoration. Larger pumpkins can be planted with bigger plants for your front entryway.

Directions with photos:

Materials: Pumpkin (real or a faux), potting soil, various succulents, hammer and nail, utility knife or sharp kitchen knife
Cut a hole into the top of your pumpkin to create a large opening. If you’re using a real pumpkin, clean out the inside.
Use a punch, drill, or hammer and nail to create drainage holes.
Fill the pumpkin with potting soil.
Fit in the succulents to cover the entire opening. Adding different varieties creates a more interesting container.
Water the newly planted succulents.
Use toothpicks to secure to top of the pumpkin into the side of the planter.
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