These are the must-have tools every gardener needs to be successful

When it comes to doing a project, the right tools make all the difference in both the ease of completing the project and the final outcome of the project. Gardening is no exception.

A Shovel. Of all the tools listed, this might be the most obvious, but also the most important one. After all, you have to be able to dig the hole in order to amend the soil and place your plants in the ground. There are many types of shovels available – sizes and price points run the gamut. However, a general-purpose will do the trick nine out of ten times. In the industry, this shovel is known as a No.2 round-point. It has a blade that is 10 to 12 inches long and 8 to 10 inches wide, mounted at an angle to the handle to provide lift, is slightly concave to keep soil on it when lifting and curves to a point to allow it to cut into the soil with ease. 

A Pair of Gloves. Owning a good pair of gardening gloves should not be an option, but the style you pick is definitely a matter of personal choice. The goal here is to find a pair that is comfortable to wear, yet provides protection while gardening. 

A Hose with Spray Nozzle. There is nothing more frustrating than having a hose that kinks up as you attempt to water your landscape. Investing in a premium hose and nozzle is critical to avoid this frustration. Also, be sure to purchase a hose that is adequate in length or the correct number of hoses to reach all necessary areas. 

A Spade. This is one of those gardening tools that is oftentimes overlooked as an essential tool. Spades allow you to slice through roots much easier than shovels. It also makes edging a breeze giving your landscape that polished, manicured look.

A Wheelbarrow. There isn’t any garden tool that makes life easier and less back-breaking! Wheelbarrows come in all shapes and sizes – everything from one wheel to four wheels to trailer-like. 

A Pair of Pruning Shears. At some point during the year, many plants need pruning. Find a pair that fits your hands, made from top quality material that allows blades to stay sharp for years to come. A good choice might be a ColorPoint™ Bypass Pruner from Dramm, as it has stainless steel blades and rubber grips molded over a cast aluminum frame, which provides both strength and comfort (www.dramm.com).

A Rake. A rake is a key tool for keeping up appearances in the landscape. It’s ideal for clearing your yard of debris and leaves, breaking up large clumps of soil and distributing mulch. Again, you may need more than one style of rake. Leaf rakes generally have tines that are close together forming a fan-like shape and are designed for light-duty jobs. Garden rakes have less tines, generally constructed of steel, making it perfect for those tougher jobs in the landscape.

A Trowel. The hand tool of hand tools. It’s quite useful when trying to get leverage on a stubborn rock in a small area you are trying to delicately garden in without disturbing established plants. It’s perfect for transplanting small plants and for detailed gardening such as in containers. You can find many different high-quality trowels of different shapes and sizes at HomesteadIron.com.

This list of 8 gardening tools provides the basic, bare-minimum required for successful gardening. 

If you are looking for something beyond the basics, consider something like a Power Planter bulb auger (www.PowerPlanter.com), which makes planting bulbs quick and easy. And when it’s time to make quick and easy work out of tilling and weeding sections of the garden, the lightweight, cordless tiller by Royal Weeder™ has you covered (www.royalweeder.com).

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