Story and Photos by David Longron

Does a plant that needs very little care, is rarely is bothered by insects or diseases, and blooms profusely in spring sound good to you? If so, you might want to consider Weigela. Several varieties are available with colors ranging from white to deep red to tricolor. There are variegated varieties and a purple-leafed variety called ‘Wine and Roses’. 

Weigela provide spring beauty with little care. This variety fades from white to deep pink, producing a tricolor effect.

Weigela like sunny locations and are not picky about soil. Prune to shape after blooms have fallen, but not in late summer, as flowers appear on old growth. Heavy pruning every three or four years will help keep the plants lush. Weigela also attract hummingbirds. 

Quick Facts and Keys to Success
Common Name: Weigela
Botanical Name: Weigela florida
Varieties: Many varieties – ‘Victoria’ is a dark-leafed variety with purple blooms; ‘Red Prince’ flowers keep their color well. Czechmark Trilogy (‘VUKOZGemini’) has tricolored flowers.
Zones: 4-8
Color: White, pink, purple, red, bi and tri-color
Blooms: Spring
Type: Deciduous shrub
Size: 4-6 feet tall and wide
Exposure: All day to half-day sun
Care: Prune after blooms fall. Fertilize early spring and early autumn. Keep watered until established.
Uses: Accent or stand alone plant. Also can be used as a hedge.

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